Dogs Looking for Homes

Adopting a rescue dog gives them a second chance in life.

We try to save most of our spaces for dogs who need a little bit more understanding and TLC, so please read their descriptions carefully.

Street dogs are highly social and many of our frightened dogs thrive with another dog in the home, while Staffies are the most people-loving dogs you could hope to meet.

We rehome to Greater Manchester and surrounding areas and home checks apply.

We offer a full one-month trial and lifetime Rescue Back Up, while we also specialise in matchmaking, if you are looking to expand your fur-family.

Adoption fees are between £150 and £400 depending on the county of origin.

Expanding Your Fur-Family

Two is easier than one’ and ‘three is the magic number’. 

When you get the right fit, a second (or third) dog can feel like a blessing, and we are perfectly placed to help.

Confident dogs support nervous dogs, younger dogs breathe new life into senior dogs. 

Sometimes, they surprise us all and the most unlikely couples become besties. 

Fostering Saves Lives

The rescue world is experiencing an unprecedented crisis and fostering literally saves lives.

By getting dogs into temporary homes we can save more who will otherwise die.

We provide everything as well as covering all veterinary care.

All you need to do is open your heart and home to them.

Short and long-term fosters are available.

Don't Fund the Breeders

There are many more beautiful dogs looking for loving homes in other UK rescues and via our core rescue partners.

They regularly have easy dogs and puppies available, so please click on the links below and contact them directly.

We encourage everyone to avoid funding the UK breeders who are only adding to the rescue crisis.

Soi Dog Foundation

Cyprus Dog Rescue

Dogs Available for Adoption:

image0 - 2023-11-29T112828
Rudi is a sweet, sensitive boy. He is a tri-paw and due to this he can feel vulnerable. Rudi will need...
Read More
Errol is happy little soul, he just bursts with happiness at the smallest things! He doesn’t ask...
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image1 - 2023-11-21T083211
Geoff is an absolutely fantastic dog – a real lovable character! Geoff adores everyone he meets...
Read More
Zika is a very sweet, affectionate boy who absolutely thrives on human attention. He can be sensitive...
Read More
image0 (100) (1)
Cosmo is a beautiful, affectionate and animated boy. He can be nervous of strangers and will require...
Read More
Candy is a special girl with a sweet, placid temperament. Candy is looking for an extra special home...
Read More
Delightful Dottie is the most adorable little poppet. A dainty senior girl who is sweet, loving and affectionate. We...
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image2 (37)
Panda is one of the most precious dogs you could ever wish to meet! She has a beautiful temperament and...
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Beautiful Bunny is a timid, sweet girl who is looking for a special foster home to continue her rehabilitation. Bunny...
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Handsome boy Duke is a fantastic character who has made leaps of progress since he arrived. Duke can...
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Black beauty Helen has been spending some time with us as a sanctuary dog but we now feel that she is...
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IMG_2565 2
Love is a dog who really suits her name – she is just full of Love! She is a very easy going, friendly...
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image2 (17)
Joyful Jonah is a whirlwind of fun and energy, he waltzed right into the park as though he had always...
Read More
Timid Lulu is a sweet girl who can be worried by strangers, however as soon as you gain her trust she...
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image1 (49)a
Hiro is a pocket rocket of energy and love, his presence really does light up the room. He is a busy,...
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Suki main photo-min
Poor Suki has been damaged by her past and is understandably distrustful of strangers. Rescued from living...
Read More
Elton is a fantastic dog, who is extremely affectionate and loving. It does take some time to earn his...
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image0 - 2023-11-07T092856
Lovable Lenny is a big goofball who has so much love to give, we are pretty sure that his heart is just...
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daphne square
Diva Daphne loves to be the star of the show and the centre of your world. As soon as you walk in she...
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