Powered By Love - Dogs 4 Rescue

Powered By Love

Love Knows No Borders

Our rescue is powered by love and our mission is to rescue the ones who need us the most, the ones no one else wants.

We save UK pound dogs facing euthanasia, take problem cases for the likes of Battersea and rescue dogs in desperate need from around the world.

We believe every dog has the potential to change if you live in the moment with them and never give up on a dog in our care.

Our methods are powered by our love for the dogs, years of rehabilitation experience and an understanding of what they need.

All Welcome

We accept every dog for who they are.

Just like us humans, they are all individual and none of them are perfect. We often have ‘perfectly imperfects’ up for rehoming and in the event a dog cannot be rehomed they will live out their days happily with us as a sanctuary dog.

Love knows no borders and wherever they come from rescue dogs seem to be forever grateful for the change in fortune that has brought them into a home.

They know how lucky they are and their joy for life is contagious.

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