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Golden Paw Club

What Is The Golden Paw Club?

Our Golden Paw Club members form the backbone of Dogs 4 Rescue – providing the financial stability needed to rescue dogs in desperate need and keep the rescue running.

You can join today from just £5 a month

When you sign up, you will receive monthly e-mail newsletter updates from Emma featuring behind-the-scenes insights and a peek at the inner workings of our mission, including the ups and downs of rescue life and a glimpse at our future plans.

You can also access extra daily tidbits on our special Facebook group – the Dogs 4 Rescue Big Brother Club.

Complete the form below and join the Rescue Revolution today!

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Where Does My Money Go?

You might wonder whether your £5 a month can make an actual difference. Well, when lots of people sign up, it can do incredible things.

Every dog who comes through our doors has been helped by contributions from our Golden Paw Club members – and we don’t have any ‘fat-cat’ salaries draining away funds.

This has included Spirit, Frank, Abhi and Dylan who spent 4 years living in a concrete cell in Spain. Large dogs, no one else wanted them.

Our biggest single cost is vet bills – on average, they total around £1,000 a week.

Our dogs receive all the veterinary care they need and we ensure every dog leaves here microchipped, vaccinated and neutered to prevent further breeding.

Your donation also helps us cover the basic costs of running the rescue and gives us the financial stability to take a chance on longer rehabilitation cases and disabled dogs.

Every happy ending you see from Dogs 4 Rescue, Golden Paw Club members will have played at least a small part in.


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