Future Plans - Dogs 4 Rescue

Future Plans

The Sky's the Limit

The site has staggering potential, with outline planning permissions for 80 dogs and six buildings, including the conversion of the derelict house and barn.

We are determined to use it to generate lasting change.

As well as being a one-of-a-kind home for our dogs, the new site will also enable us to fulfil our mission.

This site will help us inspire change across the dog rescue world, provide education & training to other dog rescues, preventing dogs from entering the rescue system and, in time, could even allow us to rescue animals from the meat and dairy industries.

It won’t just be rescue dogs, the dream is for it to become a Rescue World.

Caring for the Environment

We are custodians of an incredible piece of the countryside and are committed to leaving large areas untouched.

There are no plans for an external perimeter so our boundaries can flow as they always have.

The whole of the old reservoir area will eventually become a rewilding project with a plan to help sustain local wildlife and vegetation.

We have already planted 400 trees behind the Phase 1 area and our dream is to eventually go off-grid – becoming a carbon neutral organisation, which is viable thanks to the size and location of this site.

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