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Rescue Partners

Rescues Working Together

In the UK we have taken dogs for Battersea, Dogs Trust, Forest Dog Rescue, Islay Dog Rescue, Oakwood Dog Rescue and Dogs Walk This Way to name just a few.

Much of our work now involves providing a solution for foreign dogs already in the UK who cannot cope in traditional kennels. In doing so we free up a space so they can help more dogs and we provide a safe environment for the dog’s rehabilitation.

We also work with reputable pound pullers to rescue our beloved bullie breeds from UK pounds.

Our core international rescue partners are Cyprus Dog Rescue and Soi Dog Foundation, heroes on the frontline dealing first-hand with the terrible circumstances these dogs find themselves in.

We also work with other rescue organisations and trustworthy individuals across the world including Bosnia, Morocco, Romania and Spain.

An ex-military logistics specialist handles all our TRACES and transport arrangements with organisations we are not strategically partnered with, to ensure all DEFRA import guidelines are adhered to.

Cyprus Dog Rescue

One of the first overseas recues Emma met, and greatly inspiring us on our own journey, Andrea Siddons is a lady with a tireless devotion to the dogs of Cyprus.

She sees some of the worst sights, rescues dogs on the brink of death and lovingly nurses them back to health.

As soon as one is rehomed, she goes to the pound to get another – her determination and love knows no bounds.

During lockdown Andrea made the news by personally chartering a cargo plane to bring 40 dogs to UK safety, so that more could be saved in her home country.

We are privileged to partner with her. 

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Soi Dog Foundation

Soi Dog Foundation was founded 20 years ago by Gill and John Dalley in a bid to end the suffering of street dogs of Thailand. What they have achieved is truly incredible. 
They were the driving force behind the meat trade ban saving 16,169 dogs from an unthinkable death. They have just passed their millionth sterilisation to address the street dog population at source. Last year alone they treated 17,639 sick and injured animals as well as running a world class education programs to influence the next generation

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