Help Us Start Phase 2 - Dogs 4 Rescue

Help Us Start Phase 2

We Need Your Help

Thanks to your incredible support we opened the doors to Rescue World in October 2023 and welcomed our first sanctuary and rehab dogs to their new home here in Accrington.

The dogs’ log cabin is now complete, but we still help to expand the Rescue World dream to realise its incredible potential, with 4 more buildings to develop and permissions for 80 dogs to live up here. 

You can help by making a donation today, signing up for The Rescue Lottery or visiting Grumpy Stu’s Shop to help buy the things we need.

Join Our Lottery

In January 2024 we launched our Rescue Lottery, which will help us raise vital funds to complete the next phase of the Rescue World build.

Each month you’ll enter our prize draw for the chance to win up to £25,000. Your support will help us to expand the Rescue World dream, creating more rescue spaces so that we can save more dogs in desperate need.

Each player will also receive their own unique Rescue Lottery card as well as a FREE Membership to the Gourmet Society, where you can claim big discounts on meals out, day trips and even online shopping.

Corporate Support

We are also asking companies and tradesmen to join the rescue revolution and help us complete the Phase 2 build.

Anything you can help us with, be it donated goods and services, discounted supplies and labour, offcuts and seconds or a donation to the cause would be so very appreciated.

The dogs don’t care about everything matching, they just want to feel safe and a patchwork of love will just make their log cabin even more special.

See the below section for the list of what we need.

Can We Talk?

We have got here through sheer hard work and determination, and by daring to do things differently.

We’re hoping to connect with similar-thinking companies who would like to support a game-changing, not-for-profit cause.

Please email to talk to us about how your company might be able to help.

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