Kennel-Free Philosophy - Dogs 4 Rescue

Kennel-Free Philosophy

Letting Dogs Run Free

In a traditional kennel-based rescue the dogs have little-to-no freedom, isolated in kennels and locked up for the majority of the day. 

The dogs rarely meet each other and are usually exercised on leads with minimal socialisation. 

But here at Dogs 4 Rescue, we’ve turned tradition on its head – our dogs live, play, eat and sleep together in energy groups, never knowing they are homeless or feeling frightened and alone.

Our kennel-free approach is very different

It focuses on the inherent nature of dogs as pack animals who thrive on companionship. 

Our dogs stay highly social, and many are suitable for rehoming with other dogs. 

Whilst they are with us, they support other dogs who are here for rehabilitation, and should they need to come back to us through Rescue Back Up, they run into the park and pick up where they left off playing.

Just like the kennel system, our kennel-free model isn’t suitable for every dog, but a combination of the two mean more dogs can be saved and successfully rehomed.  

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