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Our Values

What's Important to Us

  • Our passion is to rescue the dogs who need us the most. We don’t rescue the ‘easy-to-rehome’ puppies and fashionable breeds. We save our places for the dogs no one else wants to help.
  • We are proof that kennel-free communal living works and is hugely beneficial to a dog’s wellbeing, socialisation and rehabilitation needs.
  • We absolutely believe and teach that rescue dogs and overseas dogs aren’t problem dogs and that street dogs can often be the best fit for expanding a fur family.
  • We have shown that with the help of a stable pack many problem dogs can be rehabilitated with time and do not need to be euthanised.
  • We let our dogs be dogs, and help shut down dogs re-engage with their natural behaviours.
  • We do not hide our non-rehomeable dogs away, we champion their quirky characters and imperfections showing others that ‘perfectly imperfect’ dogs are okay.
  • We make the experience of adopting pleasurable by avoiding depressing kennels or situations where the dogs will not behave as themselves.
  • We offer a one month trial because finding the right fit is the most important thing, and actively encourage getting a second dog.
  • We understand people donate to help our dogs and work hard to make every single pound go as far as possible.
  • We believe if we make decisions based on what is best for our dogs our strategy, working practices and moral compass will always be pointing in the right direction.
  • Our rescue is powered by love and a belief we can achieve anything.

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