About Dogs 4 Rescue in Manchester - Kennel-Free Dog Rehoming & Rehabilitation

About Us

The Rescue Revolution

Dogs 4 Rescue is the UK’s pioneering kennel-free rescue - saving dogs in desperate need in the UK and around the world.

Powered by Love

We save our rescue spaces for the dogs no one else wants and once they're in our care, we will never give up on them.

How it All Started

The story of how Emma created Dogs 4 Rescue; from starting with nothing to becoming a rescue pioneer for the dogs no one wants. 

Our Values

Love knows no boundaries and we live in the moment with our dogs. They are quite simply our world. 

Meet the Team

We have a dedicated team who go above and beyond every day to ensure every dog in our care has the best possible life.

Rescue Partners

We work with our rescue partners to help the dogs who need us the most - regardless of age, breed and borders.

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