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Daycare 4 Dogs

Daycare to Rescue Care

In 2007, Em set up Daycare 4 Dogs with a view to it funding her dream of a kennel-free dog rescue.

In 15 years it has grown to be the most successful doggy daycare in the North West, donating its profits to Dogs 4 Rescue to help dogs in need around the world.

The team are very much part of our family and often take a dog from us to help with their rehabilitation.

Making Dogs' Lives Better

Located in Sharston, Daycare 4 Dogs embodies our kennel-free philosophy.

The dogs run free in their different energy groups with large areas to run and play both indoors and outdoors. Enrichment areas include a ballpool, beach, trampoline, swimming pool, agility, chill out areas, special activities for pups and, of course, plenty of sofas.

They are lovingly cared for by Auntie Shaz, Uncle Mike and the team who know each dog inside out and structure their days to be fun, varied and safe, making sure they get all the exercise, socialisation and rest they need.

So many of our adopted dogs go to school there, and many other daycare customers have gone on to adopt a second or third dog from us.

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