Kennel-Free - Dogs 4 Rescue


Kennel-Free Philosophy

We believe there is an alternative to rescue dogs living in lonely kennels. Our dogs spend their days getting all the exercise, socialisation and stimulation they need, together in groups.

Pack Rehabilitation ​

Our stable pack of rescue dogs can rehabilitate dogs in ways humans alone can’t reach. The frightened ones, the shut down ones, the oldies and the disabled dogs all come to live with us and learn to be happy dogs again.

Let Them Be Dog

Central to our kennel-free vision is the belief is that dogs should be allowed to be dogs. We encourage our dogs to engage in their natural behaviours, drain their energy and enjoy the company of other dogs.

Kennel-Free Questions

Wondering how kennel-free rescue can be possible? Or how we manage the rescue on a day-to-day basis? We have been living this happy dream for nine years and have the answers to your most asked questions.

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