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Let Them Be Dog

Sociable and Engaged Dogs

Anyone who has ever visited a kennels knows what a noisy, stressful and unnatural environment they can be. It is not unusual for social dogs to develop reactivity issues and for frustration, anxiety and stress to set in.

But at Dogs 4 Rescue, we want our dogs to stay social and be able to engage with their natural behaviours in an environment which stimulates their senses.

They have large areas to run and play in, sandpits for digging, decking for sunbathing and rotate between different areas which they then feel compelled to explore.

Come night time they are tired from a fulfilling day and most sleep in communal log cabins.

Coexisting Happily

Dogs from around the world coexist happily together at Dogs4Rescue.

Street dogs have a healthy respect towards other pack members and an almost innate understanding of their position in the pack.

They have highly developed social skills and teach the UK dogs better communication and manners.

In turn the street dogs watch our UK dogs and learn how to play with toys and trust people.

It really is dogs helping dogs.

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