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Pack Rehabilitation

A Class of Their Own

Our pack of dogs is a unique rehabilitation resource in the UK and a happy coincidence of the dogs who were identified as non-rehomeable.

We have ferals who cannot be touched, dogs with behaviour problems and dogs with disabilities. 

Together they form a stable pack comprising all shapes, sizes and energies who come together to help other traumatised dogs.

Traumatised and frightened dogs first need to decompress and learn to be a dog again, in a safe, custom-designed space.

Our environment is a home from home where they can decompress from their journey.

Dogs Helping Dogs

With a balanced pack of dogs to guide them, new dogs read the energy and body language of those already here to understand they are safe with us

It can take hours, days, weeks and, in a small number of cases, months. 

However long it takes, once the dogs feel safe, we have a window to work with them alongside our amazing facilitating pack. 

The UK dogs show the street dogs how to play and trust humans, while the street dogs, with their highly developed social skills, help teach UK dogs better manners and help them overcome dog reactivity.

For street dogs who arrive ready for rehoming, our environment is a home-from-home.

It is a place where they can decompress from their journey and then go off on their trials happy and relaxed, giving them a better chance of a successful rehoming outcome.

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