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More about Lenny

Lovable Lenny is a big goofball who has so much love to give, we are pretty sure that his heart is just as big as he is!

He’s a giddy, animated boy who loves to play with toys.
He is not one for sharing but enjoys a game of fetch, be careful on the way back though as he has no brakes!

Once he has had a good run Lenny is a real couch potato who he enjoys his own space.
We often find him snoozing on a lounger in the sun or lazing about in his bed.

Lenny can be unsure of strangers and will require slow, sensible introductions.
He can react defensively if he is unsure about a situation or feels threatened.

He will need an experienced and confident owner who is familiar with handling reactive dogs, someone who can read his signals and keep him safe.
We are looking for an adult only home for Lenny, without visiting children. He could be left alone for several hours as he is clean and non destructive.

Lenny is a bright boy and loves food which makes training a breeze.
He needs stability and routine, once he knows what is expected of him he is very well mannered and compliant.

Lenny is selective with other dogs and prefers the ladies, however we do feel he would be best suited to being the only dog in the home. He cannot live with cats.

He is extremely bright, wants to learn, has no idea of his size, weight or what is acceptable behaviour at the moment. Because he gets excited very quickly, he can also become frustrated very quickly so any training that is to be done with Lenny needs to be very short, with plenty of reinforcement of the good elements we want to encourage.

Lenny wants to do the right things, but is confused sometimes. So calm, confident and very clear work is to be done to help him move forwards.

If he gets confused he can jump up so it is really important you are calm around him. We would then advise that to encourage a sit/wait and reward it. He is not able to cope with ‘no’ or negative interactions at all.

It appears that Lenny struggles to relax and calm his mental ability down to think rationally. This is another reason why any interactions need to be short at the beginning. Short and regular is going to help Lenny develop more concentration, less questioning and confusion, and in turn proper self confidence.

Lenny wants to do the right thing and is eager to please. However, if the timing is not right then frustration can easily take over. He is also developing the stabilising part of his brain at the moment and that is why he can handle some interactions, but not lots of stimulus.

He needs to go to a home with space, a large garden, calm large breed experienced owners who will be willing to help him learn and make the right life choices.

Lenny is truly is one of the forgotten ones, one of ‘the dogs that no one wants’ and it breaks our hearts as he is the most beautiful boy.

We are hoping that someone with the right knowledge and skills can see the potential in this black beauty.

Part/full time foster homes will also be considered for Lenny.

Adoption fee: £250

About our dogs

Our dogs are microchipped, vaccinated, neutered, flea & wormed and have full travel documents where appropriate. If they are arriving from overseas they will have had all the pre-travel tests as required by DEFRA and are transported through the TRACES system. 

We pride ourselves on being honest and open about our dogs, sharing all we know about them including any known behaviour challenges or medical conditions. 

Like all responsible rescues we offer Lifetime Rescue Back Up to all the dogs who come through our doors. 

One month trial

We want our dogs to be happy in their homes for life, which is why we offer a full one month trial. As they start to relax and their personalities shine through you’ll know if your home life suits and how they get along with any other pets. 

If it’s not the right fit, they can come back to rescue and get straight back to playing, and we will try to find you a more suitable match. There aren’t enough homes out there so please don’t give up if your first dog doesn’t work out. 
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