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Welcoming XL Bully Sadie

We know that so many of you have been feeling as heartbroken and helpless as we have these last few weeks faced with the fallout from the government’s ban on XL Bullies, which came into force on 30th December. The misguided legislation has significantly worsened a rescue crisis which has already left many shelters at breaking point, who like us are struggling to save lives when space is already scarce. The impossibly short amount of time between the announcement of the ban and its enforcement has essentially condemned thousands of innocent dogs to death, as breeders in particular have become desperate to give up their Bullies to avoid prosecution and penalties {You can read Hope Rescue’s summary which reflects our thoughts on the XL Bully ban and its effects on dogs and the rescue crisis here.}

In a last-minute attempt to save another life, we said yes to this precious girl at the 11th hour. XL Bully Sadie will happily live out her days with us – it was too late to responsibly re-home her, so we will be adopting her ourselves.

This poor girl watched her brother get shot and was savagely kicked herself, receiving internal injuries which left her with incontinence issues, making her less likely to be chosen. But despite the abuse and hardships she has endured, Sadie still trusts unconditionally. She loves everyone she meets. She wants to play with all the dogs, she wants to cuddle. She absolutely deserves to live her life as we believe all dogs do, regardless of their breed or background or where they were born.

We wanted to save Sadie in memory of the fallen, but for us it is nowhere near enough when we know how many lives have already been lost as a result of the XL Bully ban. Sadie’s sweet temperament is a stark reminder that individual breeds are not the issue – and that blanket bans can never be the answer to the very real problem of dangerous dogs.

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