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Rescue World is open!

This week after a hectic few weeks of preparation and months of construction work to get things ready in time we welcomed the first lucky doggies to Rescue World – Theo, Milo, Grumpy Stu, Emma, Angela, Ellie, Archie, Nicky and handicans Clive and the lovely Lollipop. Watch the heartwarming moment the ferals arrived here:

Our vision

We have big plans for Rescue World – which is already taking shape with Phase 1 of our building work nearly complete. Rescue World is a sanctuary for the dogs no-one wants – a safe space to help us rehabilitate dogs who aren’t ready to be rehomed yet and a sanctuary for the dogs who need special care and will stay with us for the rest of their lives.

Moving to Rescue World

On the same day we also welcomed Clive, Lolli and Kez – who couldn’t wait to get out and about and explore their new home!

What’s next for Rescue World?

Rescue World continues to be a labour of love for us. Although we’ve made loads of progress, there is still lots of work to do to help us fulfil our dream of saving even more dogs in desperate need.

If you can help, please take a look at our to learn more about .



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