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A Big Thank You to Hygienic Finishing Systems

Sending a big thank you to Richard and his team from Hygienic Finishing Systems Limited, who have gone above and beyond to help us with wall panels and commercial grade flooring at Rescue World.

By using their own offcuts and reaching out to their suppliers they kindly donated all of the flooring and wall panels for the whole of the dogs’ log cabin. It’s a massive building – so this represents thousands and thousands of pounds of high quality materials! We have only had to contribute towards the fitting, which has been first class.

This is the kind of materials and finish we could only previously have dreamed of. It is so easy to clean, and the seal means no water (or pee) can get under the floor and create bad smells. The panels prevent any naughty nibbling and wipe down so easily. Where the offcuts weren’t quite big enough they have patched another piece in – to us these areas are even more special as it reminds us that the whole log cabin is a ‘patchwork of love’.

Thank you so much to Hygienic Finishing Solutions for being a company that cares and for doing so much to help our rescue dogs!

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