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You can sponsor Odin from just £5 a month.

Odin is a two-year-old boy from Bahrain who was brought to the UK by another rescue who then couldn’t rehome him.

He was born with cerebellar hypoplasia and as a result his back legs don’t work properly – but that isn’t a problem for Odin as he boings his way through life.

Odin has no pain from his condition and lives life to the full. He really does not think he is any different to the other dogs. He is super playful, loves a game of tug, loves his toys and is stubborn if you need to take something from him.

Odin goes for walks on the lane and longer rides in his chariot – he had a blast doing his miles on the handicans’ marathon.

He is frightened of strangers and will charge them and bark at them, but with people he knows and loves, he is the most affectionate boy. He loves nothing more than a cuddle and being rocked to sleep like a baby.

Odin is double incontinent, hence he is a sanctuary dog here, but we are so lucky to have this joyous little dude to care for. He loves his life here with Lollipop and his other friends.

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When you sponsor a sanctuary dog, you are ensuring that they have everything they need for life, no matter what comes up – your monthly donations help pay for vet fees, good quality food, enrichment toys, grooming and for the dog’s general care and well being.
You will also receive bi-monthly updates on your chosen dog’s adventures, including pictures/video as a thank you for your continued support.

It’s just £5 a month to sponsor one of our sanctuary dogs, but if you wish to contribute more, we and the dogs would be incredibly grateful – thank you.

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