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Nero’s story is a sad one. He was born in Romania, where his ears and tail were docked, and adopted as a puppy to a couple in the UK.

He soon grew into a large, powerful Central Asian Shepherd and became reactive to both people and other dogs. After a couple of years the family accepted they could not cope with him any more.

When he first came here, he did well in a lot of situations and enjoyed being with our pack, but as time went on it became clear Nero redirects whenever he feels anxious. And that can be towards people or other dogs.

As a result, we now keep Nero’s world small. He is a guarding breed and loves having his girlies Inca and Mindy with him during the day.

He can be playful and sweet, a big doofus in the sandpit and on the trampoline and he loves sunbathing. But, by necessity, we avoid all excitement around him.

We give him as much enrichment as we can, we never challenge him and he sleeps on his own, which, fortunately, he likes.

We work around his sensitivities and do all we can to make Nero’s life as rich as possible, whilst keeping everyone safe. He is very loved.

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It’s just £5 a month to sponsor one of our sanctuary dogs, but if you wish to contribute more, we and the dogs would be incredibly grateful – thank you.

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