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Poor Mindy bounced around numerous UK kennel-based rescues having been brought to the UK from Romania as a puppy. We blame the system for how she has ended up.

She is a black dog, so wasn’t chosen as a baby and she is now completely feral, still struggling to trust.

Mindy jumps internal fences but never tries to escape here because she has come to see the rescue as her safe place; her lifelong sanctuary.

She is happy living with the other dogs and enjoys every day but she would fall apart if she ever had to leave here.

Mindy is super excited for treats, she runs up and will take them from our hands and we can sometimes manage a little tickle under the chin. But try to touch her in any other way and she will jump out of her skin.

She wants to be near you and often if we sit on the hill you’ll turn around and see she has laid down behind you. But move and she is gone.

Our hearts break for her but we will keep her here where she feels safe and happy for the rest of her days.

Sponsor Mindy

When you sponsor a sanctuary dog, you are ensuring that they have everything they need for life, no matter what comes up – your monthly donations help pay for vet fees, good quality food, enrichment toys, grooming and for the dog’s general care and well being.
You will also receive bi-monthly updates on your chosen dog’s adventures, including pictures/video as a thank you for your continued support.

It’s just £5 a month to sponsor one of our sanctuary dogs, but if you wish to contribute more, we and the dogs would be incredibly grateful – thank you.

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