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Freckles, or Scruffbum Freckles as she is affectionately known, is a naughty Rommie girl who behaves like a tomboy.

Although she was only five months old when she arrived with us, she is fifth generation feral and had already learned that humans were not to be trusted. This place has done her the world of good, but she will always be happiest in the company of other dogs.

Freckles was one of Sherry’s babies and always attaches herself to confident dogs. She especially likes the big boys, playfully nips their legs from behind and squeals if they tell her off. She’s always being naughty and if you shout her name she stops in her tracks and pretends she wasn’t doing anything.

As you can see, Freckles needs a regular groom but this has been a challenge. She even famously declared that she was never ever having a bath!

Freckles went on special foster for a few weeks and made some progress, but is not clean in the home and cannot walk on the lead. She is currently with our Daycare4Dogs family who have taken her as a rehabilitation project to see how much they can bring her on. She has already managed a bath and a groom!

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