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Bram is from Transylvania and seems to have naughtiness in his blood!

He arrived with us four and a half years ago but it soon became clear he was not the rehomeable dog we had imagined.

He can be super sweet, affectionate and funny and he loves his carers here very much, but he will bite anyone he does not know and more than once too. He will even try to nip the backs of our legs if there is too much excitement around him.

But what a wonderful boy Bram is. He’s Mr Happy, loves being with his friends, has grown to accept the ‘time out’ sessions he sometimes needs to keep this place safe and has learned to enjoy some quiet time.

You’ll often find him on top of a little house for a good vantage point and he probably holds the record for making sofas explode here.

Bram needs to live out his days in the safety of our rescue bubble, but that is just fine by him!

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When you sponsor a sanctuary dog, you are ensuring that they have everything they need for life, no matter what comes up – your monthly donations help pay for vet fees, good quality food, enrichment toys, grooming and for the dog’s general care and well being.
You will also receive bi-monthly updates on your chosen dog’s adventures, including pictures/video as a thank you for your continued support.

It’s just £5 a month to sponsor one of our sanctuary dogs, but if you wish to contribute more, we and the dogs would be incredibly grateful – thank you.

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