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2023 Recap – Rescue World

At the start of the year we were just at the beginning of our Phase 1 construction works on-site – and such a lot has changed in 12 months! In 2023 we made huge progress on the foundations of the site, including the construction of our dog’s log cabin and Stuart’s Palace and essential groundworks. Although we’ve made excellent progress and Phase 1 is almost finished, there’s still plenty to do before we can have our official launch and get started on Phase 2.

On our 10th anniversary we moved our first dogs up to Rescue World and the long held dream of ‘A Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Retreat for the dogs no-one wants’ became a reality. We’ve now moved 17 dogs from Irlam to Rescue World and welcomed newcomers Shaggy, Shadow and our new girl Coyote Beautiful who have settled in almost straight away. Grumpy Stu, Milo and Theo have settled in to the seniors’ lodge (aka ‘Stuart’s Palace’) – and 7 lucky souls moved into the dogs’ log cabin – Lollipop and Clive, Emma, Angela, little Kez, Ellie and Nicky.

Across the two sites we took in 158 dogs last year – 150 new rescues and 8 dogs who needed to come back to us for one reason or another. We also rescued 78 dogs in desperate need from around the world staying true to our value – love knows no borders – and became the first UK rescue to partner with Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand.

Just before 2023 came to a close, we welcomed XL Bully Sadie to our family of sanctuary dogs up at Rescue World. The government’s ban on XL Bullies has been devastating for all of us in rescue. Desperate to do more, we saved Sadie from the pound on the 31st December. Sweet, gentle Sadie is a reminder that dogs are more than just their breed – and despite the terrible hardships she’s faced she still trusts and loves unconditionally. Due to the ban she will live safely with us for the rest of her life.

It’s been an incredible year – and we couldn’t have done any of this without our amazing supporters, our team and the kind companies who donate their time and materials to help us. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us to make our dream of Rescue World a reality and save more dogs in desperate need.

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