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Pancho is an old Romanian street dog who lost a leg after being hit by a car. The vets who cared for him were worried he wouldn’t survive on the street, estimating him to be around 10 years old. We imagined a weaker, struggling dog and offered him rescue space – then in strolled Pancho, Grumpy Stu’s brother from another mother! Within a couple of days his stubborn side came out, he was giving us the run around on his three legs and now he happily lives life here on his own terms.

Pancho loves affection and a groom when he is in the mood, and he’ll tell you when he has had enough too! He very much likes the sound of his own voice and can often be found barking at his toys. His ideal day comprises of lazing around, getting up for the occasional shout, and then another long snooze. His hearing is going and he’s had us all searching the field for him only to find him fast asleep in a hole.

Pancho has come a long way and does well is his daily routine. He lives well with other dogs so long as they give him his space. He’s a funny, old grump but we still hope he might one day find his retirement sofa.

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