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More about Kurusart

Kurusart is confident, friendly and a perfect gentleman. He is blind but sees with his heart, he is a total lovebug!

Understandably Kurusart can be a bit wary of dogs entering his personal space and so, to save him from potential stress we do feel he would do best in a home as an only dog or where there’s another calm dog who will respect his need for space.

When Kurusart is out on walks, he likes to take his time sniffing and will stop every now and then for some cuddles (I think you can tell from his photos that he loves a good cuddle!).
If you take him home he promises to fill every single one of your days together with love and happiness.

Whether he’s having his fur brushed, rolling over for belly rubs or simply enjoying a cuddle, Kurusart loves to bond with people through touch.

A keen button nose, Kurusart will sniff everything in his path when he’s out for his walks. He can smell a treat from a mile off too. Speaking of treats, they’re always welcome in Kurusart’s world. Tasty!

Kurusart recognises his own name, he’s a good listener too and will lend a sympathetic ear as you tell him all about your day.

Kuruart is a special boy with so much love to give, he would make a wonderful, fulfilling companion.

Adoption fee: £300

About our dogs

Our dogs are microchipped, vaccinated, neutered, flea & wormed and have full travel documents where appropriate. If they are arriving from overseas they will have had all the pre-travel tests as required by DEFRA and are transported through the TRACES system. 

We pride ourselves on being honest and open about our dogs, sharing all we know about them including any known behaviour challenges or medical conditions. 

Like all responsible rescues we offer Lifetime Rescue Back Up to all the dogs who come through our doors. 

One month trial

We want our dogs to be happy in their homes for life, which is why we offer a full one month trial. As they start to relax and their personalities shine through you’ll know if your home life suits and how they get along with any other pets. 

If it’s not the right fit, they can come back to rescue and get straight back to playing, and we will try to find you a more suitable match. There aren’t enough homes out there so please don’t give up if your first dog doesn’t work out. 
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